Staying one step ahead of the latest technology solutions can feel like a daunting task. And it can start to feel like an insurmountable challenge if you need to make more space in your office, while managing your employees and their productivity levels - without investing in more hardware.

The answer lies in virtualising your technology. bespokeIT has virtualisation experts who can implement a system that allows you to transfer workloads from one server to another. That means that all your servers will always be running at peak performance, so your productivity isn’t impacted upon.

Virtualisation solutions from bespokeIT provide you with:

  • A better ROI – there’s no need to purchase new servers when you can optimise the ones you already own
  • A cheaper, greener solution - virtualisation reduces electricity usage which reduces your bills AND your carbon footprint
  • Faster performance and loading - it will be quicker to access applications, programs and files, improving productivity
  • Peace of mind - our recovery service helps you to get back up and running faster when you’re suffering from downtime

If you’re not quite ready to transition to cloud computing, virtualisation offers a great stepping stone. The technicians at bespokeIT will be happy to tell you more.