Email Protection

Greater security for your number one communication method

It’s a rare business that doesn’t use email these days and while it’s hard to remember life before electronic mail changed the way we communicate both internally and externally, that doesn’t mean it’s without its risks.

You need to make sure that your email platform is affording you adequate protection so that you’re not leaving your business open to abuse from spam, phishing scams, social engineering or viruses and malware. Email Protection from bespokeIT ensures your employees can communicate effectively without exposing your business to the safety threats associated with email.

Trust Email Protection from bespokeIT and you will:

  • Get better access to email – thanks to more intuitive search options and archiving
  • Increase productivity – by taking the pressure off your server by offloading huge amounts of storage
  • Tighten security measures – by thwarting online threats that disseminate themselves via email
  • Streamline email systems – with total email indexing and easier access to data

Email is essential for doing business but don't let online threats cause issues within your organization: choose Email Protection from bespokeIT instead.