bespokeIT Case Study: Dental Practice

How a replacement server kept everybody smiling

Vicars Cross Dental Practice located in Chester, UK is a growing dental practice that suffered from ill fitting technology. With over 30 employees at the practice, everyone experienced technical issues with their current servers and their line of business software was too demanding for the current environment. Here is an account of the client’s problems and what our team at bespokeIT did for them.


Why were our services required?

"Before working with Rory and the entire bespokeIT team, our previous IT provider installed a new server and network with the primary goal being to speed up the program that we use to run our practice. However, I have been disappointed with the slow speed of the current server and its impact on our day to day operations, namely being unable to run reports within working hours without it slowing down everybody and everything."


How did bespokeIT benefit the client?

Rory and the bespokeIT Team worked with Exact (the software the client used) to ensure the new server “ticked all the boxes”, provided a clear proposal, and was confident the risk to business would be minimal. With our services, the client received increased data entry speed and technology installation that aligned with their business goals:

  • Staff no longer suffered from slow practice management software
  • Increased support contract to 4 hours based on business needs

What were the results achieved with working with bespokeIT?

As the server was being set up by bespokeIT the client experienced minimal impact to their business, and whatever issues they encountered with their Exact software were resolved quickly by Rory. Throughout the process, the client was pleased with bespokeIT documenting all the steps and including a production of a test plan for future projects. As for the overall performance, the client was elated and said:

"Performance has improved across the board; my staff are now able to work more productively without IT holding them back. Additionally, bespokeIT have proposed several options to use the old server as a speedy backup server."


What else does the client have to say about our service?

After the entire process, we requested some final words from the client about the service that they received from us. This was her answer:

"We have been very pleased with the work carried out and the prompt and efficient way it was all handled."

Louise Cowell
Practice Manager
Vicars Cross Dental Practice

If you are struggling with ill-fitting technology, you don’t need to suffer any longer. With bespokeIT’s services you too can benefit from the positive technology changes like we did for this client.

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