bespokeIT Case Study: The cloud was not right for us

How a business picked an onsite server over the cloud

National Marine Safety Boats is a growing marine support business in Wirral. After splitting with its sister company and moving to a new location, the organisation required their own technology to reduce the impact of the move. National Marine had also experienced problems with its current server, a lack of IT servers to prepare for office relocation, and an incomplete backup strategy. With currently over 20 staff, National Marine turned to bespokeIT for all their IT problems. Here is what they had to say:


Why did you seek out our services?

"We currently run two businesses in the same office with shared IT and computers. I wanted to move one business to a new location and was keen to explore ‘moving to the cloud’ to reduce costs. I initially called bespokeIT after searching for local IT suppliers. We agreed to meet, and over the space of two further meetings we agreed on a plan. We also discussed the ability to access my work computers remotely"


How did bespokeIT deliver?

After taking into account the company’s needs, Rory recommended an onsite server due to National Marine’s specialist business software and data protection requirements. The services we provided for the client included:

  • Dedicated IT Servers: onsite servers were carefully set up to have zero impact on the sister business.
  • Remote access: servers were upgraded and configured to allow access to work devices from virtually anywhere.
  • Data protection: the bespokeIT team also created a robust backup strategy to keep company sensitive files protected.

Did the client benefit from the results?

Overall, bespokeIT’s services made the client’s current IT problems disappear. The client was happy to know that he can take work home with him or on the go if he wanted to. He can also breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that there are data protection solutions around. As for the deployment of the new dedicated servers, the client no longer had any worries about their relocation and stands by our technology installations:

"I am now confident that with my future move there will be minimal impact on the sister business, I am also confident the new investment will meet our business requirements for the next 5 years."


Client’s final note

"I would highly recommend bespokeIT to any business requiring professional IT solutions especially if you require things done quickly and efficiently. We experienced very little downtime while the server and the whole network was being installed. I am sure we will be using Rory’s and bespokeIT’s services for many years to come"

Jon Henshaw
Business Owner
National Marine

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